Chapter 3. Quick-start guide

Table of Contents
3.1. Prerequisites for setting up a basic replication cluster with repmgr
3.2. PostgreSQL configuration
3.3. Create the repmgr user and database
3.4. Configuring authentication in pg_hba.conf
3.5. Preparing the standby
3.6. repmgr configuration file
3.7. Register the primary server
3.8. Clone the standby server
3.9. Verify replication is functioning
3.10. Register the standby

This section gives a quick introduction to repmgr, including setting up a sample repmgr installation and a basic replication cluster.

These instructions for demonstration purposes and are not suitable for a production install, as issues such as account security considerations, and system administration best practices are omitted.

Note: To upgrade an existing repmgr 3.x installation, see section Upgrading from repmgr 3.x.