B.1. repmgr source code signing key

The signing key ID used for repmgr source code bundles is: 0x297F1DCC.

To download the repmgr source key to your computer:

       curl -s http://packages.2ndquadrant.com/repmgr/SOURCE-GPG-KEY-repmgr | gpg --import
       gpg --fingerprint 0x297F1DCC

then verify that the fingerprint is the expected value:

       085A BE38 6FD9 72CE 6365  340D 8365 683D 297F 1DCC

For checking tarballs, first download and import the repmgr source signing key as shown above. Then download both source tarball and the detached key (e.g. repmgr-4.0beta1.tar.gz and repmgr-4.0beta1.tar.gz.asc) from https://repmgr.org/download/ and use gpg to verify the key, e.g.:

       gpg --verify repmgr-4.0beta1.tar.gz.asc