repmgr standby promote


repmgr standby promote -- promote a standby to a primary


Promotes a standby to a primary if the current primary has failed. This command requires a valid repmgr.conf file for the standby, either specified explicitly with -f/--config-file or located in a default location; no additional arguments are required.

If the standby promotion succeeds, the server will not need to be restarted. However any other standbys will need to follow the new server, by using repmgr standby follow; if repmgrd is active, it will handle this automatically.

Note that repmgr will wait for up to promote_check_timeout seconds (default: 60 seconds) to verify that the standby has been promoted, and will check the promotion every promote_check_interval seconds (default: 1 second). Both values can be defined in repmgr.conf.


      $ repmgr -f /etc/repmgr.conf standby promote
      NOTICE: promoting standby to primary
      DETAIL: promoting server "node2" (ID: 2) using "pg_ctl -l /var/log/postgres/startup.log -w -D '/var/lib/postgres/data' promote"
      server promoting
      DEBUG: setting node 2 as primary and marking existing primary as failed
      NOTICE: STANDBY PROMOTE successful
      DETAIL: server "node2" (ID: 2) was successfully promoted to primary

Event notifications

A standby_promote event notification will be generated.