D.3. Snapshot packages

For testing new features and bug fixes, from time to time 2ndQuadrant provides so-called "snapshot packages" via its public repository. These packages are built from the repmgr source at a particular point in time, and are not formal releases.


We do not recommend installing these packages in a production environment unless specifically advised.

To install a snapshot package, it's necessary to install the 2ndQuadrant public snapshot repository, following the instructions here: https://dl.2ndquadrant.com/default/release/site/ but replace release with snapshot in the appropriate URL.

For example, to install the snapshot RPM repository for PostgreSQL 9.6, execute (as root):

curl https://dl.2ndquadrant.com/default/snapshot/get/9.6/rpm | bash

or as a normal user with root sudo access:

curl https://dl.2ndquadrant.com/default/snapshot/get/9.6/rpm | sudo bash

Alternatively you can browse the repository here: https://dl.2ndquadrant.com/default/snapshot/browse/.

Once the repository is installed, installing or updating repmgr will result in the latest snapshot package being installed.

The package name will be formatted like this:


containg the snapshot build number (here: 320) and the hash of the git commit it was built from (here: g5113ab0).

Note that the next formal release (in the above example 4.1.1), once available, will install in place of any snapshot builds.