repmgr 4.0beta1 released

What is repmgr?

repmgr is an open source package which greatly simplifies the process of setting up and managing replication using streaming replication within a cluster of PostgreSQL servers. Taking advantage of features introduced since PostgreSQL 9.3, repmgr builds on PostgreSQL's core functionality to provide a smooth, user-friendly way of working with the complexities of replication and failover management in high-availability environments.

repmgr consists of two core tools - the repmgr command line interface, which provides functionality for adminstering replication such as cloning standby servers, and repmgrd, a background daemon which monitors nodes in a replication cluster and provides automatic failover support.

Note that repmgr 4.0beta1 supports PostgreSQL 9.3 and later only.

2ndQuadrant provides professional support services for repmgr - see our website for details.

Improvements in repmgr 4.0beta1

repmgr4 is a complete rewrite of the existing repmgr codebase. For more details see the README.

Upgrading from older repmgr versions

repmgr is now a full PostgreSQL extension, and a number of changes have been made to both the configuration file parameters (repmgr.conf) and command line usage. Please refer to the following file for details:

Community and development

repmgr is free and open source software and is licensed under the GPLv3.

Contributions to repmgr are welcome. See for information about how to contribute.

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