2.3. Installing repmgr from source

2.3.1. Prerequisites for installing from source

To install repmgr the prerequisites for compiling PostgreSQL must be installed. These are described in PostgreSQL's documentation on build requirements and build requirements for documentation.

Most mainstream Linux distributions and other UNIX variants provide simple ways to install the prerequisites from packages.

Note: Select the appropriate PostgreSQL versions for your target repmgr version.

2.3.2. Getting repmgr source code

There are two ways to get the repmgr source code: with git, or by downloading tarballs of released versions. Using git to get the repmgr sources

Use git if you expect to update often, you want to keep track of development or if you want to contribute changes to repmgr. There is no reason not to use git if you're familiar with it.

The source for repmgr is maintained at https://github.com/2ndQuadrant/repmgr.

There are also tags for each repmgr release, e.g. 4.0.5.

Clone the source code using git:

     git clone https://github.com/2ndQuadrant/repmgr

For more information on using git see git-scm.com. Downloading release source tarballs

Official release source code is uploaded as tarballs to the repmgr website along with a tarball checksum and a matching GnuPG signature. See http://repmgr.org/ for the download information. See Verifying digital signatures for information on verifying digital signatures.

You will need to download the repmgr source, e.g. repmgr-4.0.tar.gz. You may optionally verify the package checksums from the .md5 files and/or verify the GnuPG signatures per Verifying digital signatures.

After you unpack the source code archives using tar xf the installation process is the same as if you were installing from a git clone.

2.3.3. Installation of repmgr from source

To installing repmgr from source, simply execute:

    ./configure && make install

Ensure pg_config for the target PostgreSQL version is in $PATH.

2.3.4. Building repmgr documentation

The repmgr documentation is (like the main PostgreSQL project) written in DocBook format. To build it locally as HTML, you'll need to install the required packages as described in the PostgreSQL documentation then execute:

    ./configure && make install-doc

The generated HTML files will be placed in the doc/html subdirectory of your source tree.

To build the documentation as a single HTML file, execute:

    cd doc/ && make repmgr.html

Note: Due to changes in PostgreSQL's documentation build system from PostgreSQL 10, the documentation can currently only be built agains PostgreSQL 9.6 or earlier. This limitation will be fixed when time and resources permit.