repmgr node check


repmgr node check -- performs some health checks on a node from a replication perspective


Performs some health checks on a node from a replication perspective. This command must be run on the local node.


       $ repmgr -f /etc/repmgr.conf node check
       Node "node1":
            Server role: OK (node is primary)
            Replication lag: OK (N/A - node is primary)
            WAL archiving: OK (0 pending files)
            Downstream servers: OK (2 of 2 downstream nodes attached)
            Replication slots: OK (node has no replication slots)

Individual checks

Each check can be performed individually by supplying an additional command line parameter, e.g.:

        $ repmgr node check --role
        OK (node is primary)

Parameters for individual checks are as follows:

Output format

Exit codes

When executing repmgr node check with one of the individual checks listed above, repmgr will emit one of the following Nagios-style exit codes (even if --nagios is not supplied):

Following exit codes can be emitted by repmgr status check if no individual check was specified.


No issues were detected.


One or more issues were detected.

See also

repmgr node status, repmgr cluster show