15.6. Node recovery

Following failure of a BDR node, if the node subsequently becomes available again, a bdr_recovery event will be generated. This could potentially be used to reconfigure PgBouncer automatically to bring the node back into the available pool, however it would be prudent to manually verify the node's status before exposing it to the application.

If the failed node comes back up and connects correctly, output similar to this will be visible in the repmgrd log:

        [2017-07-27 21:25:30] [DETAIL] monitoring node "node2" (ID: 2) in degraded mode
        [2017-07-27 21:25:46] [INFO] monitoring BDR replication status on node "node2" (ID: 2)
        [2017-07-27 21:25:46] [DETAIL] monitoring node "node2" (ID: 2) in degraded mode
        [2017-07-27 21:25:55] [INFO] active replication slot for node "node1" found after 1 seconds
        [2017-07-27 21:25:55] [NOTICE] node "node2" (ID: 2) has recovered after 986 seconds