A.1. Release 4.3

Tue April 2, 2019

repmgr 4.3 is a major release.

For details on how to upgrade an existing repmgr instrallation, see documentation section Upgrading a major version release.

If repmgrd is in use, a PostgreSQL restart is required; in that case we suggest combining this repmgr upgrade with the next PostgreSQL minor release, which will require a PostgreSQL restart in any case.

Important: On Debian-based systems, including Ubuntu, if using repmgrd please ensure that in the file /etc/init.d/repmgrd, the parameter REPMGRD_OPTS contains "--daemonize=false", e.g.:

# additional options

For further details, see repmgrd configuration on Debian/Ubuntu.

A.1.1. repmgr client enhancements

A.1.2. repmgrd enhancements

A.1.3. Bug fixes