4.4. Optional configuration file settings

config_directory (string)

If PostgreSQL configuration files are located outside the data directory, specify the directory where the main postgresql.conf file is located.

This enables explicit provision of an external configuration file directory, which if set will be passed to pg_ctl as the -D parameter. Otherwise pg_ctl will default to using the data directory, which will cause some operations to fail if the configuration files are not present there.


This is implemented primarily for feature completeness and for development/testing purposes. Users who have installed repmgr from a package should not rely on to stop/start/restart PostgreSQL, instead they should set the appropriate service_..._command for their operating system. For more details see service command settings.

replication_user (string)

PostgreSQL user to make replication connections with. If not set defaults, to the user defined in conninfo.

replication_type (string)

Must be one of physical (for standard streaming replication) or bdr.


Replication type bdr can only be used with BDR 2.x

BDR 3.x users should use physical.

location (string)

An arbitrary string defining the location of the node; this is used during failover to check visibility of the current primary node.

For more details see Handling network splits with repmgrd.

use_replication_slots (boolean)

Whether to use physical replication slots.


When using replication slots, max_replication_slots should be configured for at least the number of standbys which will connect to the primary.

ssh_options (string)

Options to append to the ssh command when executed by repmgr.

We recommend adding -q to suppress any superfluous SSH chatter such as login banners, and also an explicit ConnectTimeout value, e.g.:

ssh_options='-q -o ConnectTimeout=10'