A.3. Release 4.0.4

Fri Mar 9, 2018

repmgr 4.0.4 contains some bug fixes and and a number of usability enhancements related to logging/diagnostics, event notifications and pre-action checks.

This release can be installed as a simple package upgrade from repmgr 4.0 ~ 4.0.3; repmgrd (if running) should be restarted. See Upgrading repmgr for more details.

Note: It is not possible to perform a switchover where the demotion candidate is running repmgr 4.0.2 or lower; all nodes should be upgraded to the latest version (4.0.4). This is due to additional checks introduced in 4.0.3 which require the presence of 4.0.3 or later versions on all nodes.

A.3.1. Usability enhancements

A.3.2. Bug fixes