A.5. Release 4.1.0

A.5.1. Configuration file changes
A.5.2. repmgr enhancements
A.5.3. repmgrd enhancements
A.5.4. Bug fixes

Tue July 31, 2018

repmgr 4.1.0 introduces some changes to repmgrd behaviour and some additional configuration parameters.

This release can be installed as a simple package upgrade from repmgr 4.0 ~ 4.0.6. The following post-upgrade steps must be carried out:

A restart of the PostgreSQL server is not required for this release (unless upgrading from repmgr 3.x).

See Upgrading repmgr 4.x and later for more details.

Configuration changes are backwards-compatible and no changes to repmgr.conf are required. However users should review the changes listed below.


Repository changes

Coinciding with this release, the 2ndQuadrant repository structure has changed. See section Installing from packages for details, particularly if you are using a RPM-based system.

A.5.1. Configuration file changes

  • Default for log_level is now INFO. This produces additional informative log output, without creating excessive additional log file volume, and matches the setting assumed for examples in the documentation. (GitHub #470).

  • recovery_min_apply_delay now accepts a minimum value of zero (GitHub #448).

A.5.2. repmgr enhancements

  • repmgr: always exit with an error if an unrecognised command line option is provided. This matches the behaviour of other PostgreSQL utilities such as psql. (GitHub #464).

  • repmgr: add -q/--quiet option to suppress non-error output. (GitHub #468).

  • repmgr cluster show, repmgr node check and repmgr node status return non-zero exit code if node status issues detected. (GitHub #456).

  • Add --csv output option for repmgr cluster event. (GitHub #471).

  • repmgr witness unregister can be run on any node, by providing the ID of the witness node with --node-id. (GitHub #472).

  • repmgr standby switchover will refuse to run if an exclusive backup is taking place on the current primary. (GitHub #476).

A.5.3. repmgrd enhancements

  • repmgrd: create a PID file by default (GitHub #457). For details, see repmgrd's PID file.

  • repmgrd: daemonize process by default. In case, for whatever reason, the user does not wish to daemonize the process, provide --daemonize=false. (GitHub #458).

A.5.4. Bug fixes