A.11. Release 4.0.5

A.11.1. Usability enhancements
A.11.2. Bug fixes

Wed May 2, 2018

repmgr 4.0.5 contains a number of usability enhancements related to pg_rewind usage, recovery.conf generation and (in repmgrd) handling of various corner-case situations, as well as a number of bug fixes.

A.11.1. Usability enhancements

  • Various documentation improvements, with particular emphasis on the importance of setting appropriate service commands instead of relying on pg_ctl.

  • Poll demoted primary after restart as a standby during a switchover operation (GitHub #408).

  • Add configuration parameter config_directory (GitHub #424).

  • Add sanity check if --upstream-node-id not supplied when executing repmgr standby register (GitHub #395).

  • Enable pg_rewind to be used with PostgreSQL 9.3/9.4 (GitHub #413).

  • When generating replication connection strings, set dbname=replication if appropriate (GitHub #421).

  • Enable provision of archive_cleanup_command in recovery.conf (GitHub #416).

  • Actively check for node to rejoin cluster (GitHub #415).

  • repmgrd: set connect_timeout=2 (if not explicitly set) when pinging a server.

A.11.2. Bug fixes

  • Fix display of conninfo parsing error messages.

  • Fix minimum accepted value for degraded_monitoring_timeout (GitHub #411).

  • Fix superuser password handling (GitHub #400)

  • Fix parsing of archive_ready_critical configuration file parameter (GitHub #426).

  • Fix repmgr cluster crosscheck output (GitHub #389)

  • Fix memory leaks in witness code (GitHub #402).

  • repmgrd: handle pg_ctl promote timeout (GitHub #425).

  • repmgrd: handle failover situation with only two nodes in the primary location, and at least one node in another location (GitHub #407).

  • repmgrd: prevent standby connection handle from going stale.