A.12. Release 4.1.1

A.12.1. repmgr enhancements
A.12.2. repmgrd enhancements
A.12.3. Other
A.12.4. Bug fixes

Wed September 5, 2018

repmgr 4.1.1 contains a number of usability enhancements and bug fixes.

We recommend upgrading to this version as soon as possible. This release can be installed as a simple package upgrade from repmgr 4.0 ~ 4.1.0; repmgrd (if running) should be restarted. See Upgrading repmgr for more details.

A.12.1. repmgr enhancements

A.12.2. repmgrd enhancements

  • Always reopen the log file after receiving SIGHUP. Previously this only happened if a configuration file change was detected. (GitHub #485).

  • Report version number after logger initialisation. (GitHub #487).

  • Improve cascaded standby failover handling. (GitHub #480).

  • Improve reconnection handling after brief network outages; if monitoring data being collected, this could lead to orphaned sessions on the primary. (GitHub #480).

  • Check promote_command and follow_command are defined when reloading configuration. These were checked on startup but not reload by repmgrd, which made it possible to make repmgrd with invalid values. It's unlikely anyone would want to do this, but we should make it impossible anyway. (GitHub #486).

A.12.3. Other

  • Text of any failed queries will now be logged as ERROR to assist logfile analysis at log levels higher than DEBUG. (GitHub #498).

A.12.4. Bug fixes

  • repmgr node rejoin: remove new upstream's replication slot if it still exists on the rejoined standby. (GitHub #499).

  • repmgrd: fix startup on witness node when local data is stale. (GitHub #488, #489).

  • Truncate version string reported by PostgreSQL if necessary; some distributions insert additional detail after the actual version. (GitHub #490).