A.5. Release 5.2.1

A.5.1. Improvements
A.5.2. Bug fixes

Mon 7 December, 2020

repmgr 5.2.1 is a minor release.

A.5.1. Improvements

  • repmgr standby clone: option --recovery-min-apply-delay added, overriding any setting present in repmgr.conf.

A.5.2. Bug fixes

  • Configuration: fix parsing of replication_type configuration parameter. GitHub #672.

  • repmgr standby clone: handle case where postgresql.auto.conf is absent on the source node.

  • repmgr standby clone: in PostgreSQL 11 and later, an existing data directory's permissions will not be changed to 0700 if they are already set to 0750.

  • repmgrd: prevent termination when local node not available and standby_disconnect_on_failover is set. GitHub #675.

  • repmgrd: ensure reconnect_interval is correctly handled. GitHub #673.

  • repmgr witness --help: fix witness unregister description. GitHub #676.