A.12. Release 4.0.2

A.12.1. Usability enhancements
A.12.2. Bug fixes
A.12.3. Documentation

Thu Jan 18, 2018

repmgr 4.0.2 contains some bug fixes and small usability enhancements.

This release can be installed as a simple package upgrade from repmgr 4.0.1 or 4.0; repmgrd (if running) should be restarted.

A.12.1. Usability enhancements

A.12.2. Bug fixes

  • Add missing -W option to getopt_long() invocation (GitHub #350)

  • Automatically create slot name if missing (GitHub #343)

  • Fixes to parsing output of remote repmgr invocations (GitHub #349)

  • When registering BDR nodes, automatically create missing connection replication set (GitHub #347)

  • Handle missing node record in repmgr node rejoin (GitHub #358)

A.12.3. Documentation

  • The documentation can now be built as a single HTML file (GitHub pull request #353)